hill park

In 2022, CityCoast Care led a project to refurbish the playground at Hill Park School in Portslade. Hill Park is one of the largest special needs school in Brighton & Hove and caters to children with moderate, severe and profound disabilities.

The old playground contained broken equipment, empty garden beds and lots of under-utilised space. There was no piece of working equipment that students in wheelchairs could use. In August of 2022, we gave the playground a much needed makeover with new equipment, safety surfacing, planting, painting and learning areas. The staff are pleased, the students are excited, and we feel privileged to be able to have made such a difference in the lives of families in our city.

Check out the video below to see a summary of the work completed at Hill Park!



To do the playground well and safely, we need to raise £65,000. The great news is we’re already half way! Maybe you’re able to do a fundraising event or maybe your group would like to sponsor a piece of equipment. Below is a shopping list of equipment for the playground.

Fort: £7,000

Roundabout: £6,000

Spinner Bowl: £600

Trampoline: £2,500

1:1 Learning Barrel: £3,500

Activity Stations: £300 each (6 required)

Woodland Hut: £1,000

Outdoor Classroom: £2,000

Planting: £2,000

Tunnel and Mounds: £2,000


If you’d like to donate, or sponsor a specific piece of equipment you can donate by clicking the button below.
If an item you have choose to donate towards has already been covered by other donations, we will use your donation to cover other items of the playground project.