At the back of the Auditorium we have a room with a live feed of the service, where parents can watch their young children without missing out on any of the service.


CityKids 2-3’s takes place in the Ark Pre-School on the ground floor at CityCoast. It’s a brilliant space kitted out just for our young kids!


Doors open at 9.45am. Starting with breakfast together our kids have an amazing morning filled with games, interaction and teaching.


Each week the older CityKids separate for their own teaching session which takes place in the Lounge on the first floor.

What happens on a Sunday?

  • 1. Register your child at the CityKids Checkin Station in Reception. Here you can let us know about any special or medical needs and give us your contact info.
  • 2. Doors open at 9.45am. 2-3’s can be taken down to the Ark Pre-School and 4-11’s can go into the Open Area which is accessed from Reception.
  • 3. After the service take the security label you were given at checkin and use it to collect your child from Reception.


We take Child Protection extremely seriously and we want to make sure your children are looked after really well. Take a moment to watch our short video on child protection and you can view our policy by clicking the button below.

Our Policy

Calling all 13-18 year olds!! Verve Youth is the place for you! We have something on every Friday - VY Nights with Pre Shows, Tribal Wars, Praise & Worship, Talks, Hangouts and Giveaways. Be there and bring your crew! Keep an eye out for Verve Socials - Movie Nights, Football Tournaments, Nandos Takeover and More. And don’t forget Sundays - Grab a seat together at the 10am service before we head down for Games, Hangouts, Talks and Discussions (11-15 year olds). Don’t miss a beat, follow us on Instagram / Facebook

If you are 18-30 years old, Verve Young Adults is for you. Whether you’re a student who’s new to Brighton, a young professional who’s moved to the area, a graphic designer, a teacher, a barista or something completely different - we’d love to get to know you! We meet together every other Tuesday night for The Gathering. These nights are the best way to meet other young adults; to enjoy a coffee, worship and talks relevant to our stage of life. Dinner Parties are where we meet as small groups in homes across the city. Sharing food, sharing life and growing in our faith together. Stay up to speed with everything by following us on Instagram / Facebook.